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Reference Books
Need help in identification, value, etc.? I recommend these books as references for cast iron collecting, especially Wagner and Griswold.
Wagner Ware
A new category containing just Wagner Ware collectibles. A collection of waffle irons, lids, gem pans, etc.
Griswold Skillets
All skillets are in excellent condition (unless noted in the Description).
Griswold Gem/ Muffin Pans
All muffin/gem pans are in excellent condition (unless noted in the Description). Jon Haussler's book is used to establish the Variation.
Griswold Trivets
Designer trivets, coffee pot trivets and dutch oven trivets and the like.
Griswold Dutch Ovens and Oval Roasters
Great items to cook, baste, and roast in. I should know, I use mine all the time.
Griswold Toys and other Rare/Scarce Items
Small, cute and hard to find items.
Griswold Cake Molds and Others
Griswold cake molds are GREAT display pieces and fun to use in the kitchen.
Griswold Waffle Irons and Griddles
Waffle Irons, Griddles, and Skillet Griddles
Griswold Display Racks
Griswold Display Racks
Other Griswold items that just don't fit into the above categories.
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