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If you have questions, ideas, comments, or are looking for something that is not listed on this web site, leave me a note here. I have many other items that are not listed on this site and have fellow collectors/friends that may have your item.

If you are emailing me for values or identification, PLEASE,PLEASE give me all the markings, logo size, numbers, etc. Value on Griswold skillets for example depends on size of logo, whether the logo is block or slanted, whether is says ERIE or ERIE, PA, USA and whether it has a heat/smoke ring, etc. Values given are my opinions and may vary from dealer/collector and within parts of the country. I try to give what I believe is a fair market value, not what I'd pay you for a resale item. A good reference for Griswold and other cast iron makers are the two books by Smith and Wafford. I have these for sale, so just ask for the price and I'll get back to you (price is below suggested retail value). Thanks for visiting and using my cast iron web site.

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE NOTE!!!! I'm getting A LOT of contact requests with the WRONG return EMAIL address. IF you don't hear from me, you gave me an incorrect email address, as I respond to ALL, and I do mean ALL, emails. Remember, if you don't hear from me, then something was entered wrong, as I ANSWER ALL REQUESTS!!

NOTE: My contact script is currently not working, so please email me your questions.