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    I've had several people ask me for the original recipes for the Griswold lamb, rabbit and Santa cake molds.  Well below are the recipes that came with the original molds.  Good luck.  I've never tried the recipes, so if you do, please email me and let me know how they turn out.  Greg

{recipes from  AUNT  ELLEN’S COOKBOOK” insert for GRISWOLD cake molds}


½ c Shortening
1 ½ c Sugar                                                             
2 ½ c Flour
3 Eggs
½ tsp. Salt
4 Tsp. Baking powder
1 c Milk
1 Tsp. Vanilla

Cream shortening, add sugar gradually. Cream well. Add beaten yolks and cream again. Alternately add the sifted dry ingredients, and then milk to which the flavoring has  been added. Lastly, carefully fold in beaten egg whites.  Bake on face 25 minutes and on back 20 minutes. Placing a toothpick in each ear will support that portion of the cake. (I would recommend using PAM or another shortening to the mold.  I've also heard that if you heat the molds prior to adding the cake mix, it will not stick.)

1 ½ c  Sugar
Flavoring (your choice)
1 c Water
Whites of 2 eggs
¼ lb of shredded coconut

Boil sugar and water until it threads. Beat whites of two eggs until stiff. Pour sugar syrup over egg whites gradually. Beat until cool. Ice cake all over and throw on the coconut. Use raisins for the eyes and a piece of candied cherry or raisin for the mouth.


1 ½ c chopped dates
1 ½ tsp Vanilla
1 ½ c boiling water
2 ½ c Flour
1 ½ c Sugar
 ½ tsp salt
½ c butter
1 ½ tsp soda
2 eggs
 ½ c chopped nuts

Mix dates with boiling water and cool to lukewarm.  Cream butter and sugar.  Add eggs and vanilla and beat well.  Combine with date mixture.  Add flour with salt and soda.  Mix well.  Add nuts. Bake in well greased and lightly floured Santa Claus mold twenty-five minutes on face, then twenty minutes on back, in moderate oven.  Iced or plain as preferred.