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In response to the many positive comments, I'm going to expand the section on Reproduction/fake identification of Griswold cast iron. Please click on the links below to find the reproductions along side the originals, if they even made one. Please be aware that this is not a complete list of reproductions/fakes and it is not a complete list of reproductions/fakes for each of the different cast iron/aluminum pieces (i.e., there are many different reproductions of the #0 Griswold skillet and also the tea size corn stick pan). If you have any pix of additional reproductions and the real Griswold item, please send them to me as a JPEG file via email. Thanks for your support of this web site and HAPPY HUNTING!!  GREG




Cake Molds and Muffin Pans


#0 Griswold Skillet Wapak Fake Waffle Iron Griswold Rabbit Cake Mold
Griswold lid, cover, paperweight, spoon rest???
Griswold #2103 square fry pan Griswold mini Heart and Star Waffle Iron Griswold Santa Cake Mold Griswold #0 Colonial Tea Kettle
#14 Griswold slant TM Griswold Large Heart and Star Waffle Iron
Griswold #262 Tea Size Corn Stick Pan
Griswold Mortar and Pestle
Wapak #4 Indian Skillet Wagner Toy 1910 waffle iron
Wagner Toy/Tea Size Corn Pan
Griswold toy ham broiler/boiler
Griswold #4 slant TM ERIE (need a pix) Simmons toy waffle iron #6 Vienna Roll Pan Griswold door knob
Griswold #6 Victor (need a pix) Wagner Ware #8 waffle iron/high base
Griswold #50 Heart and Star
Wagner toy tea pot
Griswold #3 Aluminum  
Griswold #A8027 Gem Pan
Griswold Sauce Pan

ERIE toy skillet
Griswold #A8028 Gem Pan
Griswold Lighted Sign

#12 ERIE recast
  Griswold Leftover Batter Gem Pan
Griswold Dutch Oven

Wagner Ware #14 Pie Logo Skillet
  Griswold Cob Gem Pan
Griswold Skillet Rack p/n 1064

#10 ERIE (recast) Skillet
John Wright Lion/Lamb mold

Wagner Ware Shaving Brush

#129 Square Egg pan
  GRISWOLD #280 size
    Frank Hayes Bundt pan
GRISWOLD 3-leg Pot
Griswold #100 Heart and Star

GRISWOLD ashtray 570
GRISWOLD brass ashtray (recast)